Short Bedtime English Stories

 This app speaks to us daily with good stories allowing us to share and enrich the world with a collaborative experience.

The best short stories should haunt you for days and weeks. this app contain various stories categories like humor, comedy, ancient stories, folktales stories, Moral Stories, Tenali Ramakrishna, Akbar Birbal Stories, Aladdin (Magic Lamp), The Arabian Nights, Inspirational Stories, Bedtime Stories, Motivational stories Comical Stories, Educational Stories, Fables Stories, Diligence Stories, Family Stories, Life Stories, Love Stories, Animal Stories, Panchatantra Stories, Short Stories, Courage Stories, General Stories, Classic Stories and Other Stories.
1000 English Stories with Big Ideas. English Stories to improve your vocabulary and speaking skills. Here is a large collection of Moral Stories.
short stories with moral values can be a great foundation for learning for you. Best Short Stories on Moral Values in English for all and Motivational and Inspirational Moral Story in English. Here is a large collection of English Short Stories. From all regions of the world, this collection has been made to represent the true spirit of our culture. The underlining principles would be truth, love, mutual respect, righteousness, rectitude, divinity, priority to societal unity, etc…All people, including the old people, would enjoy reading these stories.
Through the stories one can learn the various aspects of our lives.
We hope that these short stories will excite people into rediscovering this excellent source of entertainment.
Download this Short Bedtime English Stories app, a short story collection and enjoy it


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